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The Sesame Street Critic

The Sesame Street Critic earned a BA in Theatre from Florida State University where she graduated with honors. After college she began working in front of and behind the camera before becoming a full-time writer. 

As a child the Sesame Street Critic watched very little of the show. However, she dove deep into the worlds Jim Henson created on film.

Many years later twins were born, and those twins would soon become obsessed with Sesame Street. And their mother, who cared not for Sesame Street as a child, found herself consuming a few hours of it every day. Every day, day after day.

One thing became clear around hour 50 - this is a totally different stage for performers. And some of them do not know how to handle it.

You may think, "It's just a kids show and they are award-winning actors. How hard can it be?"

How hard can it be? Try simultaneously entertaining and educating a handful of three year olds and tell me how it goes. But first you may need to don a crazy costume and play off of nothing but puppets against a green screen. Oh, and you may need to do a musical number where you sing and dance.

Children can be harsh critics, but the Sesame Street Critic is even more brutally honest than Statler and Waldorf. Because these performances actually matter much more than most of the roles that actors play, even the ones they get awards for. When an actor takes on a Sesame Street role they are becoming some of our children's earliest teachers. 

And for that, I'll always give performers an A for effort. 

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