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Adam Sandler Sesame Street Performance - Song About Elmo

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Adam Sandler's second Sesame Street appearance produced one of the show's best known songs, but was it an A+ performance? The tune was really catchy, and Sandler did a great job with the musical aspect. However, the others parts of the performance weren't at the same level.

Grade: B-

Character: Himself

Sesame Street Characters: Elmo

Episode: 4200

Original Air Date: December 11, 2009

Just a few episodes after his first appearance doing the Word of the Day with Cookie Monster, Adam Sandler showed up on Sesame Street again. This time he was there for musical inspiration.

It was more of the classic Adam Sandler that you don't see much of now that he's matured and become a more serious actor/producer/writer/director. All-in-all it was an okay performance.

However, it felt like Sandler wasn't playing to his normal audience and didn't know quite know how to approach it in the beginning. Things might have played better if he would have went a little more over-the-top with it in Billy Madison fashion minus the cursing - it is Sesame Street after all.

There were brief moments at the very beginning when Adam Sandler didn't look into it, which brought the performance down a notch. There was almost a touch of annoyance or too much seriousness to it. For kids, singing a made up song is fun, but in the opening Sandler played it as serious, which could have been a miscalculation.

Once the music began that's when things started to pick up. Sandler seemed to relax into the performance a little more, which helped make it more upbeat. It's a really fun song that's silly so it was good to see more of the silliness come out during the song.

Adam Sandler did a great job performing the song vocally and playing the guitar, so he gets big points for that. But the interaction with the puppets could have been better. The exit after the song was also awkward. It didn't end things on the best note.

Word on the Street Performance Note

Apparently the Emmys thought Adam Sandler gave an A+ performance. The Elmo Song was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2010.

What Do You Think About Adam Sandler's Sesame Street Performance?

Do you agree more with the Sesame Street critic or the Emmys? Did Adam Sandler's Sesame Street performance live up to the popularity of the song?

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