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Andrea Bocelli Sesame Street Performance - Self

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

When Andrea Bocelli volunteers to sing you to sleep it's actually counterproductive in a great way.

Grade: A

Character: Self

Sesame Street Characters: Elmo

Episode: #4087

Original Air Date: 2004

When Elmo can't go to sleep some impressive celebrities stop by to help him settle down, and 17 years ago Andrea Bocelli had the honor. Despite being blind, the interaction between Elmo and Andrea Bocelli was extremely impressive given that Bocelli had none of the typical body cues like heat and sound to go off of during the scene. Close your eyes and try to interact with an inanimate object. Yeah, it's not easy. For that reason alone, Andrea Bocelli gets an A for his Sesame Street performance.

But he didn't do just that. Bocelli was there to share the amazing gift that is his voice.

What was both odd and great about the skit is Bocelli and Elmo were sort of sing talking. The song wasn't so much a song as it was talking to the melody of Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò if you're nasty), of course it was turned into Time to Say Goodnight for the Sesame Street rendition.

Bocelli would have killed it in episode #4220 Can't Stop Singing when everyone sang instead of speaking. That's basically what Bocelli does in a good portion of the skit. He makes a regular description of a normal day sound epic. Someone should seriously make an app that belts out what happened during the day in a version of Bocelli's Time to Say Goodbye. Everyone will feel like they accomplished something no matter what they did.

The one downside was the end. It would have been absolutely amazing if Bocelli's final belting out had abruptly awaken Elmo the same as Ricky Gervais' first "N, n, n, n ,n ,n, n, n, n, n" did. Of course, this skit was filmed years before, so maybe it helped inspire the Gervais reaction.

What Do You Think About Andrea Bocelli's Sesame Street Performance?

Did Andrea Bocelli's Sesame Street performance fall flat? Did the song put you to sleep or keep you on the edge of your seat? You be the critic!

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