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Dave Matthews Sesame Street Performance of the Song I Need a Word

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Dave Matthews' Sesame Street performance of the song "I Need a Word" is one of the most heartfelt melodies in the show's history. Kind of sad, but touching nonetheless.

Grade: A

Character: Self

Sesame Street Characters: Grover

Episode: #4401

Original Air Date: September 16, 2013

Dave Matthews and Grover's song is one of the best in Sesame Street's long musical history. It's a truly touching song that reminds you the show isn't just entertainment. It's teaching kids about their feelings and what it means to be caring human being. That might sound like an exaggeration, but Dave Matthews Sesame Street song about feelings is a perfect example.

Grover was the perfect Sesame Street character for the somewhat somber song. There's always something a touch tragic about Grover. Even as Super Grover his good deeds come about by folly or accident. But Grover also has a big heart, which is showcased in the "I Need a Word" song.

It's no coincidence this song happened during a period when Sesame Street was really on top of it's musical game. The original songs during the Season 42-48 time frame were all so well written and the talented musical performers did them justice. It's a far cry from the song Natalie Portman sang to Big Bird about a decade earlier.

But it wasn't just the banjo picking and singing that made Dave Matthews Sesame Street performance worthy of an A. He did a fantastic job giving off a melancholy feeling at the beginning when Grover sits down on the stoop with him. He also interacted very naturally with the puppet before, during and after the song.

Dave Matthews and Grover Sesame Street Performance I Need a Word

This critic would be remiss if they didn't mention the excellent camera work during the skit. There's a great fly over shot that perfectly ties in the flying that Dave Matthews is imagining as he sings.

What Do You Think About Dave Matthews' Sesame Street Performance?

Did Dave Matthews pull at your heartstrings or did it miss the tempo of the show? Was it one of the best Sesame Street songs of all time? You be the critic!

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