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Jack Black Sesame Street Performance - Word of the Day Disguise

Jack Black did a great job, as expected, explaining the Word of the Day, which was disguise. It was perfectly ridiculous yet serious at the same time.

Grade: A

Character: Self

Sesame Street Characters: Elmo

Episode: #4173

Original Air Date: October 7, 2008

They picked an awesome word for Jack Black to explain. He's a talented comedian that can pull off playing dead serious about something totally ridiculous so his examples of disguises worked all around.

Jack Black is kind of like a big kid, which is perfect for Sesame Street. Getting to dress up crazy and go all out with the skit is right up his alley. His infectious energy and imagination plays perfectly to the kids watching. And that's is what's needed to keep kids engaged during the Word of the Day skits that are very stripped down.

Black was able to play the frustration element very well. Anytime it's negative feelings are a part of the act the performer has to walk a fine line of showing the emotion but not letting it get too real and bring the young audience down.

Jack Black Sesame Street Performance - Word of the Day Disguise
Jack Black Sesame Street Performance - Word of the Day Disguise

So definitely an A performance for Word of the Day from Jack Black. The one downside is there was no musical component. I really wished Black would have sang even if it was harmonizing regular lines. That would have been amazing if he disguised himself as a rock star and carried out a tune, but he didn't. Guess he'll just have to come back to Sesame Street again.

Word on the Street Extra

Jack Black had a little practice before his Word of the Day performance for disguise. He also did octagon in the Word of the Day segment for episode 4161. The equally amazing performance may have helped him nail the follow up.

What Do You Think About Jack Black's Sesame Street Performance?

Did Jack Black's disguises dress up a so-so performance? Or was it the perfect way to reveal a great performance on Sesame Street? You be the critic!

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