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Jack Black Sesame Street Performance - Word of the Day Octagon

Jack Black proves that Sesame Street's Word of the Day skit works. His enthusiasm for the word octagon is so infectious and engaging it even gets 2-year-olds to follow along.

Grade: A

Character: Self

Sesame Street Characters: Elmo

Episode: #4161

Original Air Date: August 11, 2008

Jack Black's first Word of the Day performance for the word octagon set the bar high. It wasn't as physical as Black's Word of the Day skit for the word disguise where he was able to put on all these different costumes and use physical comedy. With the octagon skit Jack Black had to really just rely on his acting chops, and he did a great job showing his skill as a comedian.

Jack Black is like a kid who's just grown up, which makes him perfect for Sesame Street. He's playing to his audience and he's doing it well. The energy level and enthusiasm is just right. It's what's needed to draw young viewers into the skit that's pretty bare bones and about the shape of an octagon.

But Black did so well building interest and was so entertaining to watch that my two-and-a-half year old son repeated the word "octagon" at the end of the skit. And that's the whole point to the Word of the Day skits. Jack Black proved that if you play it the right way kids do learn a new word.

Jack Black Elmo Sesame Street Word of the Day Octagon
Jack Black and Elmo talk about the Word of the Day octagon.

So Jack Black once again gets an A from the Sesame Street Critic. However, he doesn't get the plus because once again, he did not use his singing talents and he was playing himself. It would be really great to see Sesame Street bring Jack Black back to play a character that performs a song and a dance so he can finally tack a + onto the end.

What Do You Think About Jack Black's Sesame Street Performance?

Was Jack Black's octagon explanation an A performance? Or did it not shape up to be as good as his performance for the word disguise? You be the critic!

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