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Jimmy Fallon Sesame Street Performance - Wild Nature Survivor Guy

Jimmy Fallon proves why he is a Sesame Street GOAT with his performance as Wild Nature Survivor Guy. But being a former SNL cast member, I imagine Jimmy Fallon has a little bit of an edge given that Sesame Street has a very similar shooting setup - minus the live audience.

Grade: A

Character: Wild Nature Survivor Guy

Sesame Street Characters: Elmo, Rosita, Alan, Leela

Episode: #4190

Original Air Date: November 13, 2009

Jimmy Fallon as the Wild Nature Survivor Guy gets a solid A from the Sesame Street Critic. Coming from Saturday Night Live, it was a little more in his wheelhouse to do the on-stage skits that are somewhat played to camera. It was actually a really interesting the way that they did it because Jimmy Fallon's character was playing a host of a reality show. It's the old show within a show bit.

The way Fallon was clearly playing to cameras as if it was a TV show was pitch perfect and a great way to break the fourth wall, which is done often to connect with the young audience. It's actually very easy for things to go wrong when the fourth wall is broken, but in this performance it went very right. Then again, Jimmy Fallon does have a lot of experience playing to camera as The Late Night Show host. It's not too surprising Fallon was able to take that element of the performance and make the skit even more funny and entertaining.

Another high-note for Fallon is that he interacted extremely well with the puppets and the human cast. So all around from the camera to the Sesame Street characters, he did a great interacting and playing off of one another.

The third A-level aspect of Jimmy Fallon's Sesame Street performance is he brought really good energy to it while explaining nature in a very entertaining way. He was able to keep the attention of the kids and adults in the room even though it as a pretty lengthy skit.

Jimmy Fallon on Sesame Street with Elmo
Jimmy Fallon on Sesame Street with Elmo

I was so hoping Fallon would break into song, and luckily at the very end he did. Although there was a musical number, Jimmy Fallon's Sesame Street performance as the Wild Nature Survivor Guy is a solid A, not quite an A+. Maybe if the musical number would have been a little longer, more choreography or there was another song or two earlier in the skit it would get the plus. As it is, the performance isn't quite on par with Neil Patrick Harris as the Fairy Shoe Person.

To Jimmy Fallon's credit, it was actually a catchy song, and he performed it better than expected. He's great at morphing his voice for impersonations, so it's not too surprising Fallon's a good singer.

In conclusion, Jimmy Fallon could be the Alec Baldwin of Sesame Street. It's very possible at this juncture, and the Sesame Street Critic is on board with it.

What Do You Think About Jimmy Fallon's Sesame Street Performance?

Was Wild Nature Survivor Guy an A-level performance for Jimmy Fallon? Do you think he could have been better out in the wilds of Sesame Street? You be the critic!

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