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Kacey Musgraves Sesame Street Performance - All the Colors of the World

All the Colors of the World is a catchy tune, but is that enough to carry a Sesame Street performance? While Kacey Musgraves is amazing at delivering lyrics, she isn't as strong at delivering lines.

Grade: B-

Character: Herself

Sesame Street Characters: Elmo, Gabrielle, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, The Count

Episode: #5204

Original Air Date: December 2, 2021

Let's forget for a moment that Kacey Musgraves gives off serious brunette Paris Hilton vibes. Instead, let's focus on how refreshing it is to get some original content given that Season 52 of Sesame Street does a lot of repurposing.

You can tell that performing musically is Kacey Musgraves's comfort zone. The performance picked up as the song went on. However, delivering dialog didn't seem as comfortable. It definitely gave the Sesame Street Critic the impression that Ms. Musgraves was committing an acting cardinal sin - thinking of her lines in her head before delivering them.

The Difference Between Learning Lyrics and Learning Lines

This would make sense as to why Musgraves's singing parts seemed so much more relaxed and natural. She learned the lyrics of the song and felt comfortable that she knew them. She's got a lot of experience with this type of memorization and obviously trusts herself with the learned lyrics. That allows her to perform more freely in the singing portions of the skit, which really elevates the performance.

As a result, while singing Musgraves gives really good energy and authenticity that the dialog lacks. It almost makes the dialog delivery stand out even more in a bad way.

More High Notes and Low Notes With Kacey Musgraves Sesame Street Skit

Musgraves committed another cardinal sin that's pretty common, and it bought her Sesame Street Critic grade down a bit. She broke the fourth wall a few times at the beginning of the skit, but not in an intentional way that works. It was one of those glances that show she's aware of the presence of the camera. Rather than being completely present in the scene, her focus shifted to the camera taking her (and the audience) out of the moment.

The catchy song and Kacey Musgraves soothing voice help to bring the performance up a notch and helps her hold on to a B- rather than dropping to the average C level. And as already mentioned, the singing parts were great from a performance standpoint as well. If the whole thing would have been on the level of the singing parts, Musgraves would have gotten an easy A.

While on Sesame Street, Musgraves also performed a segment where she met Tango.

Musgraves is obviously a fan of Sesame Street given this is her second appearance within two years AND she also collabed with Moschino on a collection of Sesame Street apparel. She first visited the Sesame Street neighborhood to take part in the pilot episode of the fantastic The Not So Late Show, which is hosted by Elmo.

What Do You Think About Kacey Musgraves's Sesame Street Performance?

Did you get the same impression about Kacey Musgraves' Sesame Street performance? Maybe her calming presence and amazing beret pushed the grade up a bit for some viewers. You be the critic!

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